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If it's new or just cleaned and pristine, why not protect it?
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Scotchgard Licensed Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

Keep Carpets Clean with Carpetmaster & AA Homecare

My most prestigious client?

"I was requested by one of my regular clients in The Bishops Avenue in Hampstead to clean all the seating and rugs in special preparation for a formal dinner party.

"The main guest and speaker was former US President, Bill Clinton."

- Ken Cattanach, Carpetmaster & AA Homecare

Correct cleaning will improve the life of your carpet - so help keep your carpets and upholstery looking great; call Carpetmaster & AA Homecare today!.

No matter how often you vacuum your carpet, small particles of grit, greasy deposits and dust are left behind. Over time, this will slowly damage and affect the appearance and the lifespan of your carpet. Our powerful, truck-mounted system gives maximum, effective cleaning and fast drying. All cleaning and deodorising solutions used are safe and water based.

BPCA - British Pest Control Association
Dust Mite Eradication and Control

Carpet Infestation Eradication in Association with Abacus Pest Control.

Dust Mite elimination for Allergy sufferers

Carpetmaster & AA Homecare can also use PROmite in the cleaning and/or protecting process. This is a proven and effective dust mite eliminator - a must for asthma and allergy sufferers.

We are also licensed to offer Scotchgard Carpet and Upholstery Protection.

About the Proprietor

Ken Cattanach has been cleaning carpets for 25 years. In 1988, he was enrolled onto the renowned Scotchcare Sevices network and was given the coveted license to sell and apply Scotchgard Protector.

During the next 12 years he served numerous Courts and Allied Carpet stores applying Scotchgard to literally thousands of suites and twice as many yards of carpet, whilst also providing the stain removal and cleaning services for the warranty policies. Although 3M pulled the Scotch label trademark from the UK market, Ken is still able to acquire Scotchgard but believes that there are now protectors on the market that are of a similar quality and effectiveness, providing they are applied correctly.

Ken is also a trained and qualified pest control technician, which greatly adds to his carpetcare abilities - especially when dealing with common carpet pest infestations such as fleas, moths, beetles and dust mites: click here for further information »


A carpet and upholstery protector with a high level of protection for resistance against soiling and staining But with the added benefit of killing Dust Mites thus reducing their numbers and resulting airborne allergens that trigger Asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions. Available also as a pre-cleaning treatment formula where longer term protection is not required.


New formula Scotchgard carpet and upholstery protector with improved soil and stain protection. Offering greater levels of soil and stain release from a home applied protector with higher stain and soil resisting properties.

Either protector may be applied to your existing carpets and furnishings following our recommended cleaning procedure.

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